Mind full of mantras?

It’s Monday, and what that means are swarms of well-meaning motivational quotes appearing on our social feeds.

Everywhere we turn are three-word phrases, affirmations of enough-ness, and insta-good quotes by everyone from Oscar Wilde and Oprah to Yoda and RuPaul.

Ok, I will admit that pretty much everything RuPaul says is worthy of immortalising on the internet.

In addition to giving me serious overcrowd vibes, the ubiquity of these words of wisdom has made me wonder just how helpful they actually are.

Fitness & Nutrition Expert, TV presenter and Blogger Amelia Phillips believes many of us have reached ‘peak qote quota’ or mantra fatigue.

“Remember all those activewear tops with quotes all over them? I think we're all a bit over that.

“Having said that, there are often one or two quotes that really do touch our core. I have no problem with that, just don't go overboard. I think the message today is more about being ok with where you're at right now, rather than always trying to be your best. Not every top we wear or smoothie we drink needs to be a journey to heightened enlightenment!”

This got me thinking. If we’re all getting a bit fed up with these phrases, what actually is the most effective tool for when we want to turn our dreams into reality, or be inspired?

Phillips believes that setting tangible goals, and creating a step-by-step action plan is what really leads to results.

 “It can't be 'get rich' or 'lose weight', it needs to be more specific and tangible.

“Then, work backwards, usually on a timeline - and drop in the steps. Suddenly the massive goal has a clear, achievable task,” says Phillips.

For those of you who are still feeling a little too slayed by slogans, here are some of my hacks to get clarity:

  1. Find a mentor, trainer, coach or sponsor – someone who can give you tailored guidance to keep you focused. I am a nerd and have all four of these!

  2. Keep a list of quotes you do come across and connect with. I have a secret Pinterest board for mine, but I also print them out and use trusty blue tack to stick them on my walls.

  3. Learn to get specific about what you want – and be willing to work for it.

To learn more about working with Amelia and her tips for goal-setting, check her out at http://www.ameliaphillips.com.au/ and follow her at @_amelia_phillips .