Girl Talk: What women really want in 2019

What women want is a theme that’s everywhere – whether in the latest blockbuster film, on the cover of a magazine or via our social media feeds. Yet whilst our dating preferences, coconut oil recipes or nail varnish trends are often front and centre, our priorities get less of a look in politically.

At a September 2018 forum hosted by Women’s Weekly, Julie Bishop acknowledged the huge amount of work still needed to achieve gender equality in Australian politics, stating it wasn’t “acceptable” that Australia’s ratings had “dropped from 15th in the world in terms of female parliamentary representation in 1999 to 50th today.”

Less than six months later, she has announced her departure from politics.

Without Bishop’s comments, the statistics around Australian women and our involvement in politics speak for themselves. Women account for 51% of our population, yet make up only 32% of parliamentarians.

Rather than accepting this situation, I’ve decided to bring women together to talk positively about what we really want on 14 March in Newtown.

An informal opportunity for women and men to come together, Girl Talk will be a fun night featuring a panel with three progressive women.

Key details are as follows:

When: 14 March, 6.30-8.30pm

Where: Trolley’d Flight Club, 1/2c Gladstone Street, Newtown 2042.

Who: NSW Greens Senator Dr Mehreen Faruqi, Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service NSW Director Hayley Foster and Sydney Women’s March 2019 Organiser Jaime Evans.

Cost: Nada. It’s free!

What: Q&A with panel, drinks on arrival and networking.

Tickets are available from Eventbrite, or you can send me an email to save your space. We would be over the moon to see you there!